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Scheduled maintenance

We are also able to customize a maintenance plan to suit your requirements. Preventative maintenance plans are designed to reduce any HVAC and refrigeration related problems and maintain energy efficiency on your premises.

Preventive maintenance includes the practice of regularly servicing equipment on a pre-determined schedule so that it does not develop catastrophic failures and performs better over its useful lifecycle.
Leak checks are performed on all maintenance visits using state of the art refrigerant detection devices.

The benefits of routine preventive maintenance includes:

  • Performance improvement of existing equipment by means of plant optimization¬†
  • Prevent bigger cost of replacement in the future,
  • Decrease possible downtime of equipment,
  • Ensure longer life expectancy of assets,
  • With better efficiency reducing power consumption to save running costs.

We offer the following routine preventive maintenance plans:

  • Energy management
  • Plant optimization
  • Leak check
  • Coolroom evaporator cleaning
  • Case cleans available
  • Filter clean or replacement